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HOP into Homecare!

Streamline homecare clinician training with HOP - the iOS and Android app with a web-based LMS.

About HOP

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HOP Into Homecare! is the ultimate solution for streamlining the orientation and education of home health care clinicians. Our orientation and training process is designed to help you get your clinicians field ready!

With HOP Into Homecare!, you can streamline your orientation and training process, making it more efficient and effective than ever before.

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Platform USPs & Benefits

About App

  • HOP into Homecare! Designed to streamline the orientation and training process for nurses, therapists, and other clinicians providing care in home settings.
  • With HOP, new hires can access agency and discipline-specific content to help them become field-ready.
  • We Deliver content in small, digestible chunks to improve the completion among your current field clinicians.
  • Multiple user personas, including trainees, field clinicians, preceptors, educators, and executives, with unique Dashboard to track progress
  • Focus on user engagement and data-driven decision making to empower educators and executives 
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Client Testimonials

"This app is great for our orientation solutions in the increasingly more "virtual" environment. Our clinicians are able to access information on the go! "

"Please continue to make content real and practical as opposed to theoretical. Thank you for the information. It was helpful. "

"The course presented is very much relevant and is a very good resource for areas that we need guidance in carrying out our role as home health clinicians. Course is very good and presented in a very concise manner. "

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