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About Us

Founder's Story

Dr. Monika Virk is a seasoned healthcare professional with extensive experience in home care and healthcare management. In 2009, she graduated from medical school, beginning her career in healthcare. 

Over the past 13 years, Dr. Virk has accumulated valuable experience in home care, where she has developed expertise in patient care, communication, and problem-solving. Dr. Virk has worked with two home care providers to develop clinical programs, gaining insight into the complexities of home care services and the importance of developing quality programs. 

Dr. Virk went on to work as the Director of Quality, Education, and Program Development at Inova Health Systems for five years. During this time, she led numerous initiatives to improve patient outcomes, streamline processes, and enhance the overall quality of care. 


HOP Journey

My journey with HOP into Homecare began with the vision of revolutionizing home health care by building complex clinical care programs in home settings.

However, I soon realized that the gap in training and education of frontline nurses and other clinicians providing care in home settings was a major roadblock to implementing such programs.

To address this challenge, I developed a structured onboarding process that bridged the gap between clinical education and real-world practice.

Over a period of one year, I trained 58 newly hired clinicians, including RNs, PTs, and OTs, using my process, and witnessed an average improvement of 8% (statistically significant) in the assessment of Oasis outcomes for new hires relative to existing clinicians.

This success inspired me to digitize the product into the HOP app, and I am excited to continue on this path of innovation and excellence in home health care.

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